About Our Used Gear

Our Mission

For over a decade, production companies and event producers have experienced our client-first level of service and technical know-how. Due to a lack of excellence in the used gear market, we sought to bring our high standards to the marketplace. Thus, B-StockGear.com, a division of Evolve Technology LLC, was born.

Recently, the lack of options and quality in the used gear market has left many clients unsatisfied. Therefore, B-StockGear.com aims to be your preferred alternative. As a result, we are hyper-focused on resolving the marketplace’s shortcomings and creating the new standard for used gear on an international scale.

The New

White Glove Service

Gear-Knowledgeable Sales Support

Sales Support Beyond the Life of the Transaction

High-End, High-Quality Gear

The First “Certified Pre-Owned” Program of it’s Kind

Top-Quality Engineering Expertise

As a NON-competitive gear supplier, B-StockGear.com promises to fulfill all your gear wants and needs with a 360-Degree Sales Experience that you’ll love.

Our Parent Company

B-StockGear.com has always been well-versed in providing a full-service experience. In fact, in partnership with our parent company, B-StockGear.com can provide a 360 Degree Sales Experience for all your used gear wants and needs. 

Evolve Technology LLC, a provider for an extensive range of video solutions, has provided our clients a full-service experience for over a decade. Specifically, we call this full-service experience The Trifecta. 

The Trifecta exists to provide our clients with a wide range of video solutions customized to fit their needs. The three components: Evolve Rent, Evolve Lease and Evolve Academy, make up our philosophy of success. In brief, we are your dependable support system, a cutting edge training and education center and a trusted partner.

Check out some of Evolve Technology LLC’s brand partnerships at the link below!

Our Parent Company

The BEST Industry Leading Partnerships

B-StockGear.com, a division of Evolve Technology LLC, works with all brands on our gear exchange. Our parent company currently partners with a variety of legacy brands.